Vision for a more tech driven NHS…

I know it’s Friday pm and many of you will be looking forward to a well earned rest after NHS Expo 2018 but if you haven’t already read it – this is well worth a read.

I haven’t met Matt Hancock yet but I like everything I’ve heard thus far. In particular I liked this bit as it makes me feel less alone and more a part of the big picture – I think somebody’s listening at long last to us who dream and then work out how to make it happen. “We must put in place a framework that allows innovators and technology companies to thrive – to meet user needs – and most importantly to support the uptake and adoption of the best of those services. We need to work unceasingly to nurture that ecosystem so HealthTech innovators feel supported and can see our commitment to them, and their ground-breaking discoveries.”

Come on Matt Hancock!

This is my personal view and not one that is necessarily representative of those companies I work with or have invested in.

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