The Hogarth Centre Thanks Helicon Health

On behalf of TEAM HOGARTH

Our CEO received the following message from Fred Lucas, Chair, The Hogarth Youth & Community Centre:

Thank you so much for sparing the time to visit the Hogarth Youth & Community Centre earlier today and, of course, for your most generous sponsorship in 2020-21.

It was great to meet everyone in person. We hope that you all left with a clear sense of what we do, how we help young people and how you have helped us to continue to deliver through some really challenging times.

With your generous support some 250 young people have attended our Youth Programme this year. Project 2022 is ready to start in early January.

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Tony Bowden
As CEO, Director and Shareholder the buck stops with me. I thank all our valued Customers, Partners, Shareholders and Team members for their continued support.
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