Helicon Health provides first public glimpse of Digital Clinical Trials

Helicon Health has selected the new HTN Digital Health Playbook (PDF) to do a partial reveal on the first in a long line of Digital Clinical Trials and new product developments. Designed to stimulate constructive engagement, Helicon reveal elements of key projects, case studies, learnings and solutions – all contributing to its mission of “Delivering Health Virtually”.

Prof David Patterson, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Helicon Health – “In this edition of the HTN Playbook we describe our work on the Epigastric Impedance Monitor (the EIM), which fills a large and unmet need in the field of the malfunctioning stomach, where there is no method for measuring gastric emptying suitable for primary care or paediatrics. That means a patient’s condition cannot be assessed objectively or progress monitored. The EIM fills this need by being completely non-invasive, simple to operate and inexpensive to run. It resembles the gastric equivalent of the electrocardiograph for the heart”.

Download the HTN Digital Health Playbook (PDF)

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