Helicon Health is 10!

On this day 15th May 2012, Helicon Health was first registered as a company –  as a spin out from UCL Business and the Centre for Health Informatics and Multi Professional Education. This is the group that created OpenEHR and the associated interoperability standard. And what visionaries they were and are!

A big thank you and congratulations to our Founders and in particular to Professor David Patterson. And to our dedicated team, our  wonderful customers and industry partners;  our company friends and stakeholders and all the institutions that go together to make a company.

It’s not the company – it’s the people who make the difference and Helicon Health is very fortunate to have such a great team.


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Tony Bowden
As CEO, Director and Shareholder the buck stops with me. I thank all our valued Customers, Partners, Shareholders and Team members for their continued support.
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