An Invitation to Integrated Care System Leaders

Collaborate to Develop an Evidence Base for Prevention – Digital Transformation in Populations with Multiple Long Term Conditions

How does an Integrated Care Partnership develop an evidence-based approach to the implementation of infinitely scalable low cost digital models of care and prepare for digitally enabled integrated working?

Helicon Health is seeking to expand existing collaborations with Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and, in the process, to progressively share the learnings from current major projects with Integrated Care System development teams. The hypothesis we set out to evidence and learn from with our customers and collaborators is:

“If information about patient behaviour, conditions and events captured from wearables, monitors and other smart technologies, can predict illness and demand for services, then providing these technologies to patients will enable [Integrated Care Systems] and providers to prevent or pre-empt illness and redirect demand, or design new services.”

ICS organisations have existed for some time, and most have digital initiatives that will hopefully positively impact population health and patient outcomes. But where is the evidence? To address this evidence gap Helicon Health, along with others, was selected by NHS England, SBRI Healthcare and other funders, to build an evidence base to underpin large scale transformations through people, process and technological changes. Some of these programmes go right back to the dawn of the company, and before, to the formation of the Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional education at UCL.

Under carefully controlled conditions, Helicon Health invite nominated ICS representatives to learn about these initiatives so that place level leaders have the evidence and tools to formulate and articulate plans. Integral to this approach is the need to capture the voice of the people as stakeholders in change programmes – patients, clinicians, carers and families need to be insightfully represented. This invitation is open to nominated ICS representatives and will involve working collaboratively with Helicon Health and our stakeholders.

Download the November Edition of the Digital ICS Playbook

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