R & D

Our R & D programme supports shared care and patient-centred care for the management of long term conditions.

Our research supports the ongoing development of all three components of our proposition: web software and patient management tools, accredited CPD courses and clinical governance.

Our ambition is to provide support for most areas of cardiovascular disease.

We will soon be releasing a module for heart failure. This includes an updated set of algorithms, which covers a wider range of situations. Further modules are planned for hypertension and hyperlipidaemia in 2017.

In addition to developing our blended learning programme for clinicians, we are working in collaboration with UCL’s Knowledge Exchange Associates Programme to develop e-learning tools that will support self care and help patients wishing to play a greater role in their anticoagulation management.

Exercise and lifestyle can have a profound impact on both the development and treatment of long term heart conditions. We are therefore committed to working with commissioners and patients to enable this within Helicon’s offering.