Benefits of HeliconHeart

HeliconHeart helps practitioners and their patients with cardiovascular disease to work together more effectively for better outcomes at lower cost.

  • Patients like HeliconHeart because it empowers them and allows them to benefit from stroke prevention care in the most convenient and safe place for them – often at home.
  • GPs, nurses, pharmacists and carers like HeliconHeart because collaboration is made easy, the clinical guidance and advisory systems help them identify and treat more patients at risk and the education modules keep them well informed.
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups like HeliconHeart’s governance framework which allows them to compare outcomes across multiple sites and quantify cost savings that result from improved diagnosis and care.

The Benefits

  • Advice and guidance, available 24/7, helps GPs and other clinicians identify high-risk patients and prescribe the most appropriate course of treatment.
  • Patient receives care in the most convenient and safe place for them.
  • Tablets and other portable or mobile devices are enabled to access the EHR (Electronic Health Record) server remotely.
  • Stroke prevention practitioner is demonstrably well trained, up and to date and able to offer a high quality service with a shared care philosophy.
  • HeliconHeart is easily integrated with other systems and data feeds.
  • Clinical details of the patient and the advisory and management system are available in a timely and secure manner to the practitioner, wherever they are.
  • Clinical governance is implemented and learning processes enhanced.
  • Commissioner has access to anonymised patient data, to compare quality measures of performance.
  • Commissioner has access to anonymised outcomes data from past 20 years, for benchmarking.
  • It is easy to measure/monitor patient satisfaction.
  • All relevant details about the patient are co-located.
  • The hospitals continue to play an important role in clinical support, education of staff, clinical governance and the development of the service.
  • Referral to a specialist is easy, patient data/information can be shared easily and securely.
  • The ‘community of practitioners’ and the ‘community of consumers’ are expanded and strengthened.
  • Messaging between practitioners is easy and secure.
  • The financial and contractual mechanisms are designed to enhance high quality care and facilitate the development of seamless care across organizational and professional boundaries.
  • It is easy to extract evidence of the service being delivered.

Patient Management Tools

Our unique web based software offers secure access to a clinically useful electronic health record, alongside clinical guidance and an advisory system.

Clinical Governance

Our governance system gives anonymised access to INR and AF related results at practitioner, site, CCG and total service level.

Education and eLearning

Our courses for patients and healthcare professionals blend e-learning with face-to-face support.

Helicon Health started life delivering algorithmic precision medicine in stroke prevention with a strong clinical and socio technical research background. This led us naturally to hone our skills in the internet of medical things, remote vital sign monitoring and remote consultation. We describe what we do as “delivering healthcare virtually” which with quality, integrity and a sense of collaboration and fair-play is our mission.
Tony Bowden
Chief Executive Officer, Helicon Health
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