HeliconHeart is an integrated package of web-based services, designed to be interoperable with a wide range of hospital and GP systems. It is tailored to assist the management of patients with atrial fibrillation who, typically, need both anticoagulation to reduce the risk of stroke and other measures to control the heart rate and rhythm.

This unique package of services includes:

  • Real-time web based electronic health record (EHR) shared with clinical colleagues and patient, hosted on NHS spine via N3
  • Anticoagulant advisory system
  • Interoperability with existing GP systems and other clinical systems
  • Affordable patient self-monitoring, using BP monitor and Roche’s Coaguchek
  • Education for clinicians
  • Education for patients

HeliconHeart is being used by a growing number of clinical commissioning groups in London and the South East.

Find out how HeliconHeart is helping the delivery of community-based cardiovascular services in North London by reading the independently commissioned survey.

For more information please view our video or click on the brochure thumbnail below.

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