Patient scenarios

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Illustrating: ECG access; advisory AF elements; risk assessment of anticoagulation

Mr JR is a 73 years old man who presents to his GP with symptoms of an irregular and fast heart beat which made him feel unwell and rather light-headed. This causes him to sit down until the feelings subsided. These symptoms have been present for 10 months and are getting worse. He had an electrocardiogram (ECG) 2 years ago which was normal.

Illustrating: Advice about choice of oral anticoagulant drugs and risk/benefit ratio

Mrs PJ is an 80 year old woman who has been on warfarin for some years for her atrial fibrillation. She has been well controlled on the warfarin with her regular blood tests showing that her INR readings demonstrated a Time in the Therapeutic range (TTR) of 74%. She has stable chronic kidney failure and has been treated for high blood pressure.

Illustrating: The use of Helicon Heart for Clinical Governance; Patient outcome measures; Quality Control of equipment; Patient satisfaction

The health commissioners of Romire are responsible for 260,000 people. They have invested in the development of shared care atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention services. These shared care service have been planned on the basis that approximately 80% of the patients with atrial fibrillation or needing anticoagulation could be well managed in the community environment in community pharmacies or in GP Practices. Eight community sites were designated and the staff trained to deliver high quality services

Illustrating: shared care, patient centred care and secure communication with other health care professionals

Patient case PS is a 76 year old man who developed atrial fibrillation in his 60s which was nicely controlled by medical treatment. He also had arthritis that had become increasingly limiting. He had two other cardiovascular conditions namely high blood pressure and was on treatment for this; he also had mild heart failure. He was now unable to get out of his house to visit his GP for his INR blood tests for monitoring of his warfarin treatment.