Clinical Governance

We provide advice, support and systems to help healthcare providers manage risk, optimise patient safety, compare performance across multiple sites and quantify cost savings.  Our clinical governance system is a powerful tool based on sophisticated analytics.

How does HeliconHeart’s clinical governance help CCGs?

It gives anonymised access to international normalised ratio (INR) and atrial fibrillation (AF) related results at practitioner, site, clinical commissioning group (CCG) and total service level.

It gives support and oversight of the quality assurance (QA) assessments of near-patient testing devices on all sites. This enables comparison to be made between sites and encourages an equitable, high-quality service to be developed across multiple sites.

The real-time data for critical events, patient outcomes and costs can be queried on a wide range of measures, including therapeutic range, age and date,

The data can also be compared with historical data from the past 20 years.

All accredited users have access to our clinical standard operating procedures.