Stroke is largely preventable
The Lancet

Helicon StrokePrevent


Identifies hard-to-reach “missing” patients and 
predicts those likely to be at high stroke risk to drive effective targeted screening programmes. Combined with health economic models to identify best return on investment.

Helicon® eLearning

Online learning and moderated support for patients and 
healthcare professionals via smartphone apps and on the web.


An app for patients allowing them to track key health parameters, 
support self-care and to share information with their clinicians, 
with a link to Helicon®eLearning and support.


Powerful web-based clinical information system with computerised dosimetry for Warfarin management (with CE Mark certification)
and support of patient self-management.

Clinical Governance

Providing analysis of stroke risk at a patient, GP or hospital level for clinical review. We can advise on and provide templates for proven approaches to clinical governance to new shared and integrated models of care. Dashboards with safety, outcomes and costs tracking to evaluate effectiveness of healthcare pathways.