Helicon overview

We built Helicon Health to help the huge number of people who have chronic diseases (also referred to as long-term conditions), such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia.

Our approach to delivering digital healthcare is simple: we believe software can only help deliver distributed and shared care if it is supported by ongoing education and robust clinical governance.  Our unique, web based solution therefore brings together a single electronic health record with clinical decision support, clinician and patient education and multi-site analytics for robust governance.

Our advisory systems and management tools tackle the urgent and growing need for better quality, cost-effective shared care.  They have been developed by leading cardiovascular clinicians in collaboration with GPs, nurses and pharmacists.

Helping deliver distributed care

Our goal is to help clinicians and commissioners move towards a distributed service where the more complex patients (which are in a minority) are managed in the hospital; others are either self-testing and self-managing, or being managed by their GP, outreach service or community pharmacy.

To support this, we aim to ensure that, as the number of patients managed outside the hospital environment increases, the quality of care closer to home is also enhanced.

About Helicon Health: the company and the software

Spun out from UCL in 2012, with the support of UCL Business PLC, the company came into being as a result of a highly successful service development programme in North London, delivered in partnership with  CHIME (Centre for Health Informatics and Multi-professional education).